Christina Reihill

Christina Reihill is an award-winning artist, poet and writer.

Born and educated in Dublin, she studied psychology at Harvard, where she was introduced to the works of Aldous Huxley, William James and Stanislav Gro and their theories of expanded consciousness. She read multi-media and communications at the London Institute where she started a 12 year career in journalism working for Vogue, The Evening Standard, Irish Times and Sunday Independent.

In the early 90’s she returned to Ireland for drug and alcohol treatment at The Rutland Centre. For the next decade she trained and practiced as a psychotherapist. During this time she wrote the book she wanted to read: SoulBurgers – an odyssey in verse articulating the road from crisis to wholeness, inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy. Literary agent Marianne Gunn O’Connor represents the text.

For the second edition of SoulBurgers, Christina established her award-winning art house SoulBurgers, where she expanded its text to work in three-dimensional spaces to place her in the third space of the Irish art world in “the physicality of language”

In 2012 she won the Allianz /Tile Style Artist of the Year award and has subsequently been endorsed by large national and international companies for her unique vision as an artist. Her installation work uses objects, spaces, language and words to articulate silence; she is influenced by Mark Rothko and his vision to strip art of all but the “essence of the essential.” Her new installation ‘Wit’s End’ at Smock Alley Theatre will be opened by Patrick Murphy, Director of RHA.

Christina’s work has been recognised by leading artists, among them Rowan Gillespie, Peter Sheridan and German composer Max Ablitzer.

Chronology of Christina’s work can be found here >>