Christina Reihill

I believe in the healing power of language and words (the physicality of language) and I believe poetic knowing is the most potent vehicle to healing in the human experience. I also believe these truths are being forgotten in surplus words, empty words, absent words and destructive words the world over and are heartbreakingly evident in Ireland – the land of poets and storytellers.

Based on my own experience, lost and found in words, my work seeks to prompt awareness in the forgotten value of poetic knowing and I seek to do this by showing, not telling, a way to our best knowing (intuition).

In various two and three dimensional mediums I dig and build what I term “containers of soul” – places and spaces for others to pause and experience themselves authentically and maybe catch a glimpse of their in-tuition (internal teaching).

These “containers of soul” are informed by an architectural understanding of soul, steeped in ancient principles and teachings of human consciousness. And true to form, (yes I believe soul has form!) these constructs, be they written, performed or installed, show light and dark – the windows of awareness in psyche, which we choose to see or not see, to know or not know.

The vision for my work came to me when I lived in London despairing and hoping a word or sentence from the sky could lead me to the answers I desperately needed and couldn’t find in any book, relationship, addiction or song. I longed to hear a voice, I could trust when I trusted no one, least of all myself.

Soul Burgers book, a ten-year odyssey in verse articulating a universal journey from broken to whole, was the first artistic expression of this experience and its longing and provides the wellspring for my work since.

Ciara Ferguson, former art critic for The Sunday Independent understands my work as I envision it – her intuitive acknowledgement of The Present, my installation in Monkstown Church in 2013, alongside many others who encourage my work, keep me digging and building words and language to oer what was oered to me; paths to deep knowing, which for me, is the richest gift in human experience.

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