Christina Reihill

Glad I Did It

Christina’s latest work Glad I Did It, featuring the life and death of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain, opened in London on the 14th of November 2018.  The three-floor installation was staged at Bermondsey Project Space and gained international media interest, including Sky News.  It also won Installation Of The Week from London’s iconic Time Out Magazine.


Preparation for the work was blogged on Christina’s Facebook page from start to finish over 15 months. Its final vision as an immersive experience included the cell of Ruth Ellis and the executioner’s hanging apparatus.


Christina Reihill’s work addresses deep dilemmas inherent in the human condition and, through poetry, she narrates the journey to know love. Christina achieves this with words and language in various mediums to provide an immediate, immersive experience.

In Glad I Did It, the visitor was invited into the mind of Ruth Ellis, represented by the condemned cell the 29-year-old nightclub hostess occupied in 1955. The furniture and props are true to the facts during her stay in Holloway Prison, based on Ruth Ellis’s words, her letters, court documents, prison reports, and psychiatric evaluations at the time.


Because the artist presents the bold truth of her subjects, she can pose bold questions of who we are, as opposed to who we think we are and what we understand about love and its great misunderstanding in the human condition.


Ultimately, for the artist, a life without hard reflection and personal responsibility is a life hanging from a rope, driven by impulse and unrecognised desire, to which the ground floor of Glad I Did It speaks.






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