Christina Reihill


The first of its kind in the world, this SoulBurgers installation, interpreting the book, opened its doors on Blackrock’s main street in spring 2011. As an interactive installation, reminding visitors of the nature of soul, it drew the public to the space via evocative window displays and music playing around the clock. There, with dramatic views to the sea, visitors added to the chalked poems, phrases and children’s drawings in situ. Its “container of soul” invited visitors to come in, add to the poems or just sit on one of the floor-cushions for a quiet moment. Hundreds came through the doors, others stayed clear of the space.

“Some people are nervous connecting with their souls but acknowledging this choice is always critical to our work” Christina reflected at the time.

At weekends, poet and piper recitals were performed which led to other, more site-specific “performances” at farmers’ markets, organic food shops and specialist independent book shops.