Christina Reihill




WallWalks, was an urban project for the studio and provided a springboard for a series of products based on the work. Here, carefully chosen words or phrases blazed in large, white letters on wild,
damson canvasses. Phase One showed the
words HELLO, CONNECT, BELIEVE, CREATE, EMBRACE, BE YOU, HURT and LOVE which lined DART stations along Dublins coastline.

Online conversations through FB, Instagram, Twitter and other social media reminded travellers that they need never be alone.

The WallWalks project was launched with an installation in Blackrock – another “container of soul” – where visitors were invited to experience themselves in the here-and-now (“Present”). Max Ablitzer provided his exquisite, haunting music to play outside and inside the work, inviting visitors to the gallery on Blackrock’s Main Street. Here they discovered a moody, scented theatre space, sealed in darkness, with only a thin strip
of light to the outside.

WallWalks was supported by Irish Rail, PHLOOR and Colourtrend.